Wednesday, May 25, 2005

THE END of My Love Life

Bo lost American Idol. Boo for Bo. And for me. Boo Hiss.

My friend brought her daughter over this evening for the hail-suit fitting. It looked much better than I expected, but there will have to be some adjustments made. I don't think that will be too rough, but the material looks like it could be a nightmare. Must. Get. Motivated.

I don't know why it is, but every time I'm working on a project where I'm up against a deadline, I say to myself, "Oh...When this is over...I'm totally gonna make something for myself", but I never do. Odd, because each time I sew/knit, etc. I remember how much I love it. If nothing else, you'd think I'd feel the need to live up to my blogname. (There's probably some ANGRY knitters out there who have disappointedly stumbled across my non-project related rantings).
All play and no knit makes ed a LOSER! Just kidding...about the all play part, that is. Anywho.

Here's my 'M' tale of the day. Last Wednesday I went for my hike and as I got toward the end, I could hear someone coming up behind me. I paused and scooted to let them pass. He apologized and then proceeded to engage in a conversation which ended in asking me out to lunch. Luckily, I already had a previous engagement with Fella. (I Freudianslippedly called it a "date" which sent The Passer running). I'm not saying "luckily" to be mean. He seemed like a nice guy and I think I was nice back. I just don't know how not to panic in those situations. (And yes, I am being rather liberal with the plural usage of the word). Besides, thinking back on it, The Passer followed behind me for who knows how long, but when he actually got beside me and was talking to me, he never once looked at my face. Basically his opinion of me was 90% backside and 10% voice. As I told my mom and Fella...Nice to know that my heinie can get a date, even if the rest of me can't. I don't know whether I should be flattered or insulted. So, I guess I'm neither. As I was thinking these things over on my way back home, I wondered if I'd have to worry about seeing him again. Then I said to myself, "Well. At least I know he wouldn't recognize my face!" when who do you think comes running toward me? Point proven. No sign of recognition...Or maybe he was just embarrassed. I guess I'll never know...At least, not until the next sighting. One of these days he's gonna see me comin' and he'll think to himself, "Hmm...She seems familiar". Then, after I've passed and I'm walking away, he'll turn around and say "Ohhh Yeahhh...NOW I know who she is". THE END. (No pun intended).


  1. I don't know. I didn't really look at his face. Ha Ha. Just kidding.

  2. ooh! that didn't answer the question :) HE WAS HOT, WASN'T HE!