Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Year Ago Today...

...Mac and me were engaged!  So, if you've been counting...that means it was just 10 days after the day we saw each other for the first time in 12 years.  Annnnnnd we've been married for almost 10 months now.  Crazy kids.

I apologize for always flashing back.  I learned it from my mom.  She is always saying, "Just think, one week ago today we were doing _____________ ", or "Guess what we were doing 3 months ago today?", or the one that used to drive my poor aunt nuts (this was a 'flash forward'), "Just think--6 months from today Christmas will be over with."  Funny, sweet mom whom I miss.

Funny, sweet classmate-cum-penpal-cum-fiancé-cum-husband whom I love.

I promise I'll blog about something new soon...but I can't promise it will be any better than this : ]


  1. you got engaged on my birthday!

  2. I want to hear the story of how he proposed. Real life love stories are my favorite.

  3. ahh, pics of love in the yellow kitchen! :) i'm a couple days late, but congrats on your engagement anniversary.