Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Sew Excited, I Just Can't Hide It*

I saw these photos from Built by Wendy today and it's official:  I'm in the mood to sew! 

This is a good thing, as Mac told me the other day that my New Year's resolution should be to sew which I responded that it was!  Actually, I wrote about 2 pages of 'revolutions' (no more resolutions, I always seem to fail them!), but sewing and just generally creating more were high up on the list.

Mac gave me this sewing machine for my birthday last year.  It belonged to his mom.  I am so excited to start sewing again!

*Come on, you knew a bad sewing pun was bound to happen sooner or later.


  1. Getting back to sewing was a 2010 intention of mine as well! I miss it so much and the ideas!!! My list grows daily....we should do a sewing day.

  2. Oh we definitely should--I would love that! And maybe we can help inspire/motivate each other along the way : ]

  3. I don't think I knew your machine had belonged to Mac's mom! That is so sweet!

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