Sunday, January 3, 2010

...Et Voila!

My favorite discovery of the day, courtesy of Animal Head Vintage (a super inspiring site I stumbled upon in my usual Sunday evening blog-wanderings):

La photocabine.  It's a virtual photobooth, just like the kind Mac and me (I know, I should be Mac and I) went on a cross-country quest to find.  Just like the kind I grew up using at every K-Mart, Sears and Bon Marché my little saddle shoes, Keds and jellies could drag me to...but have sadly since been removed.  Yes, just like that...only free! 

The instructions are en français, so just click the curtain to get inside and push the button when you're ready to go! 

My second most favorite discovery will be seeing the photos that all of you take.  Blog them, flickr them, facebook them, e-mail them...but by all means, don't let me down!


  1. Coolio! Do you need a webcam, though?

  2. Yeah...sorry, I just assume everyone has one! Do you not?