Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goodwill Tour--and Apron Giveaway!

(clockwise from top left:  short sleeve empire, pink stripe oxford, pleated button down, T-shaped sweater, pillowcase tank dress, short sleeve jacket, long sleeve empire, and balloon sleeve top)

Last Sunday on my way home from church, I accidentally found myself in the turn lane when I had intended to go straight.  I decided that since I had to circle back anyway, (and didn't really feel like watching the football game that was being viewed at home) I would check out the nearby Goodwill.  While I was there, I remembered the Clothing Wars challenge that Beth presented.  I giddily completed my entry for that (most likely making the staff and customers wonder why on earth I was hauling such a hideous assortment of items to the dressing room.), but I'll hold off on posting those photos for now, because I have my own mini-challenge for you, my readers--Read on!

Remember when I said a while back that the Mac and Me household was without a full-length mirror?  Well, we are still without one, but I have found it to be sort of helpful in a way.  On the days when I photograph myself, I discover certain things.  Things I wouldn't necessarily notice in a mirror.  For instance...some things don't look as good as I thought...some things look better than I thought...some things work/don't work together when I had previously thought otherwise, and some things are just plain boring.  I don't know why we see ourselves differently in a photograph than we do in a mirror, but I guarantee you it's true.

Anyway, I decided to apply my 'makeshift mirror' technique in the dressing room at Goodwill.  Here are some of the discoveries I made:

1)  It was easier to narrow down what I really wanted to take home with me (and I am a spendthrift with a part-time job so it had to be a VERY narrow list) when I took photos of what I was trying on.  If looking back at the photo made me think, "Yay!", then I knew I had a contender.  I'm sure some stores frown on this, but sometimes I need a second opinion and this was as close as I was going to get without asking an unsuspecting employee/customer/child playing in the nearby toy section.
2)  I discovered that I tend to gravitate toward empire-waisted shirts a.k.a. baby-doll shirts (but not like the 90's belly shirts!!) and plain cotton button down shirts (like preppy man-shirts for girls).  I decided maybe I should curb my penchant for both.  The former is something my mom would probably say "doesn't do much" for me...though I partially blame her and all her cute maternity tops in the 70's for the allure they hold.  The latter is safe for work, but becoming a little bit boring.

So...having said all that, I'm proud to announce that I went home with only one item.  My challenge to you is, which item do you think it was?  Tell you what.  I will send one green apron (pictured at right) to the first person who guesses correctly!  One guess per person...One additional guess if you choose to follow my blog (and are not doing so already).  Crafty, ain't I?  The rules are pretty simple.  Just leave a comment on this post and an e-mail address spelled out (i.e. sweatsuited at yahoo dot com) so I can get in touch with you!  I don't expect this to last long...I'm not that hard to figure out!

P.S.  As for the red cowboy boots and fedora, I can tell you I didn't go home with either of those (darn, right!?).  They were part of the Clothing Wars challenge so you'll be seeing them again soon!


  1. Balloon sleeve top!

    But I really like the bottom right outfit best. You work the fedora! is that part of the clothing wars challenge? You must email me if there are updates. :)

  2. hm, i like the short sleeve jacket, so that's what i'll pick. but i agree with Beth. the fedora/dress/RED boots combo is awesome!

  3. I'm going with the t shaped sweater.

    apearlofgreatprice at gmail dot com

  4. I'm going with the pillow tank dress with or without the fedora - so cute:)

  5. pillowcase tank? did anyone win? i love your blog :) and you.