Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Favorite Shoes

The Velveteen Rabbit of shoes.  Except, unlike the Velveteen Rabbit (near as I can remember anyway), there was a time when I had to let these go forever.  I started noticing that every meeting I went to (back in the days when I had a real job) smelled suspiciously like feet.*  A sad day for many reasons.

Anywho, they (Seychelles) don't make these anymore (also a sad day when I found that out), but someone is selling a slighly used black pair on ebay.  As much as I loved them though...I'm not sure I could handle the potential of someone else's foot smell showing up one day like an uninvited guest. 

How do you guys feel about used shoes?  Have you ever owned a pair of shoes you wore to death/sadly discovered aren't made anymore?

* My feet don't smell normally, I promise!  It's just that I wore these shoes THAT much.  And it's true what your mother told you...don't go without socks/stockings.


  1. Nope, I can't handle someone else's old shoes. I don't mind borrowing shoes, but buying abandoned shoes? Not for me. I was just at Goodwill, and even though there were some very gently used (and nice!) pairs of shoes, I could not bring myself to try them on.

    Speaking of Goodwill . . . I was there on a mission. A clothing wars mission! I sent you the link to your MissEd Flickr name, and posted the evidence on my own Flickr. Have we decided what to do next? :)

  2. Hey awesome--I completed my mission at Goodwill as well! I'm thinking we have a couple options. Either we could all just post our individual pictures (blog or flickr, etc.) with a link back to the Clothing Wars challenge post...or y'all (I'm Texan now?) could e-mail me the photos and I will write one big post when the entries are in. I kind of like the idea of the latter, but we might want to set a deadline for posting if that's the case.

    Thoughts? Man, we're nerdy. I love it! I'm going to go look for your photo now!

  3. Hey girl, it's Shannon! Was just pointed this way by Katie. Love your blog! Except for this one post, b/c of my weird aversion to all things feet. And then the "smell" came up in the post and I couldn't go any further. Promise I'll read the rest though. Ha!

    Miss you!