Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clothing Wars

Dedicated to my dear friend, Beth.

When I feel blue, sometimes it cheers me up to go to a store and try on something I would probably never purhcase (or wear) in a million years.  My friend Beth and I developed a game around this when I was still living in Montana.  It's called Clothing Wars and here's how it works: 

We would enter a store together and within 5 or 10 minutes, pick out the most ridiculous clothes we could find for each other to try on.  The person who came up with the silliest/worst outfit (for the other person to wear) won.  Beth always won.  Seriously, I would pick out what I thought would be the most hideous thing and somehow, they always looked almost wearable on her.  Whereas I, on the other hand...well, you get the idea.

Another version of the game was the Prom Season version.  I don't think there was ever a winner or loser with this game, because really we both just liked to try on ridiculous prom dresses.  Yes, we were in our mid to late twenties.  Do you see the second photo below?  It is blurry because the shop girl was very angry with us for sharing one dressing room and demanded that we get out at once.  So scary!

I really miss Clothing Wars.  While it did cheer me up quite a bit to try on something I normally wouldn't wear and make silly faces while holding my camera in awkward just wasn't quite the same without my friend.  So here is what I propose.  A long-distance Clothing Wars that goes something like this:  Walk into ___________ store and pick up the first ___________ (i.e. brown) shirt you see.  Now grab the first ____________ (i.e. pleated) pants you see...and on and on until we have a competition worthy ensemble.  Then we photograph ourselves and post the pictures for our readers to judge...and then we hope that the stores don't sue us or publicly chastise us.  Hm...perhaps one day we should consider trying to make the best outfit instead...then the stores will thank us for all that free publicity!

What do you say?  Anyone else want to join?

P.S.  I actually ended up liking that black dress I tried on!  Too bad it was so baggy up top and too bad I never go anywhere but work and church.  It was cheap!


  1. Did this post rock my socks off? Yes, yes it did!

    Okay, here we go -- my round 1 challenge. :)

    1. Grab the first plaid dress you see.
    2. Find a green scarf.
    3. Add a muffin-style cap if you can find one.

    Photograph. :D

  2. Hahaha! What exactly is a muffin-style cap? Ooh, I can't wait! Do we have a deadline to post?

  3. Sounds like fun. I'm in. My friend and I used to do something similar back in high school days. Is there a deadline?

  4. No, I don't think a deadline.

    Apparently, this is a muffin cap. I, however, was thinking more along the lines a newsboy cap. I'll accept either. :)

  5. Yay, a new recruit!

    Haha, Beth. You mean you weren't asking for the Chef Oliver Twist hat?

    Well, as for deadline, I already did mine today because I was out thrifting anyway. Sadly, I didn't have any luck finding anything close to a muffin or a newsboy cap...but I did try on a hat just to be in the spirit of things.

    1. Should we wait to post our 'competition entry' on the same day or just post whenever?
    2. Does the person posing the challenge participate in that particular challenge as well?

  6. I was just wondering about #2 myself . . .

    As to posting, I think we should just post whenever. I'm thinking that this might need its own group blog, even!

    Okay, back to #2. Hrm. It's a toughie. Let's see . . . I'm thinking that most of the challenges might make us all look silly (but not necessarily). So it seems only fair that the challenger drink her (or his) own medicine. Especially since I am the first challenger and like being mean. ;)

    More than that, however, I think that the challenger should post a photo of her answer to her own challenge to give others an idea of what she might have been after.

    I'm so excited! I'm glad I have today off for MLK, too . . . :)