Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sew Low and Solo. Terrible Wordplay, Awesome Content.

I love Austin for things like this.  Of course, I'd love it a lot more if I actually had people to do these things with.  I know it takes time to make friends...and I know doing stuff is how you meet people...but sometimes I just wish I could download all my friends/mom/sisters from home.  That's not to say anything against the people here because everyone I've met has been super friendly.  It's just that making new friends is not exactly as easy as say...watching Mary Tyler Moore with your husband.

I'm thinking that once I'm working and have money, I'll take some classes.  Maybe here or here or...

Classes are a pretty non-scary way to meet people, right? 

Seriously, how cool is this (left)...They bring crafting.  To your door.  In an Airstream trailer.  Named Stella.  Head.  About.  To explode!

News 8 story on the upcoming crafting weekend (complete with video interview)

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