Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Love a Project

This was my project for the day.  Thank you cards for the wonderful guests at our wedding reception and send-off party.
I have a love-hate relationship with unemployment right now.  I love that it affords me time to do stuff like this,  but I hate that it brings no income and generally makes me feel like a worthless slob who stays at home shunning the lovely Texas sun.  Anywho.

This is what we used for our party invitations (minus all the details). 
I think it was one of our first lessons in the art of compromise.  I wanted to send out handmade invitations by mail, and Mac wanted to send out evites.  Thinking that it probably wouldn't put our union in the best of lights if we each did our own separate thing, we found a way to meet in the middle.  I handmade the invitation, and Mac scanned it in to e-mail to all our friends. 

This was what I had planned to do all along before changing my plan at the last minute.
I could never come up with a color for the birds, for reasons which I shall explain in a later post.  And I also couldn't shake the feeling that this picture was just a little too cutesy for our invitation.

This is the gloomy cousin of the previous picture.  Mac voted it down, and I agreed.
This is the original page in my sketchbook.
Now, back to being unemployed.


  1. those are so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are amazing! You're very creative. I'm sorry you're dealing with the unfortunate side of being unemployed, however, you are making lovely things in your spare time. That's always good. :] Cheer up! Hope things improve.