Friday, July 8, 2005

Saturday Part III: Palling Around

Pal, I know you'll hate this, but I just wanted to relive the memory.

I only get to see my friend Pal about once or twice a year. There is never enough time to do and say all the things we want to, but for seven happy hours on Saturday evening, we were able to share some Pal & Ed traditions.

1. A much-needed couch session. This is what we call our catching up sessions and talk therapy.
2. A stroll downtown.
3. Banana Pepper Pizza from Little Caesar's. Nothing better. Fella turned me over to the dark side of pepperoni, but I am beginning (again) to see the light.
4. Shopping for old movies at Hastings. I bought Bedtime for Bonzo. Highly recommended.
5. Staying up late watching Stage Door (another great old movie) and eating Red Vines, jelly beans and Reese's Pieces (a member of the nut family). Further decaying our teeth with Huckleberry Flathead Monster soda. Not so much recommended.

Pal, I miss you and I'm praying for you. I'm so happy you're my friend.


  1. i miss our couch sessions erin :)

  2. i have a good friend that lives an hor +/- away. a good brother in the Lord. nice to see someone who actually feels blessed by being around you.

    also, ed, nice photo altering. sweet. good job.


  3. hey! so you got of over to that site yeah? hehe. some of it is a bit out there.

    what page was the purse on? i wanna see it.

  4. well ed. after looking through ebay, and various other places, i simply didn't see that purse online. and believe me, i am allergic to cats, so it was dificult. BUT!... i did find some things that were similar. yeah, know, they aren't as good. but figured id show you anyways. the little dog purse is kinda close. im gonna put the addresses on my site, cause the comment window isn't working.. i'll put them in a new post

    the cat perse that is closest, i found several places, so if you want one, i'd shop around.

    much love sister,


  5. hey ed. im fixing the link to no.1 as i speak.

    pocky.. everyonce in a while they'll pop up here at the house. i could be wrong on the brand, but, have you ever tried the salad flavour? if you see it, try it.

    i used to buy my mom little bags. like the ones with a geisha on them. things like that.

    much love sister

  6. yeah. i had to do some work, and i might've delted the previous post. posted a fresh one.

    blogger is acting weird. i don't know what's going on. oh well.

    much love