Thursday, July 7, 2005

Saturday Part II: Just Like Grandma

Grandma with a daisy in her hair.

After shopping on Saturday, my mom and I met up with Dad, # 1 Sister and Grandma for lunch. Now I try not to throw this around too much because nobody likes a braggart, but I have the best Grandma in the whole world. I hope to be like her when I'm her age. Or even now. She's so quick. You may think she's all sweet and innocent, but then out comes the sass and mischief.

We all met at one of my favorite places. We were a little nervous that Grandma might not like it (when you're a good cook, you get the luxury of being nonenthused at restaurants), but she totally did. She even got my favorite item. Just like me. She got the giggles when she saw what she thought was a girl that looked just like my sister, only to have "her" turn around and have a beard.

I think the only time I had a beer (in a shot glass) was at one of these places. It came after a long year of hilarious nagging by a fellow bank employee. They had a little going-away dinner for me there and I happily caved. Not bad. Apparently his daughter is this girl's roommate. Tis a small world indeed.

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  1. Hmm... Looks like Mackenzie River Pizza Co on Front Street. Good food.