Wednesday, April 6, 2005

The Simpler Life

I am terribly excited. Tonight my friend B, who I haven't seen since her "bachelorette party" that turned into an intervention for me waaay back when I was a workaholic, is coming over for homemade pizza and some good old "reality" tv. By "reality" I mean, American Idol with bits of The Simple Life and America's Top Model thrown in. Whose reality is that? Certainly not ours, which is why it's worth watching, I guess.

Here's hopin' Anwar steers clear of the bottom three and Paris and Nicole don't come down with a flesh-eating bacteria.

Note from Tot: Beauty pageant alert on Monday!!


  1. that was one of the saddest things i've ever seen when that america's next top model hopeful came down with a flesh-eating disease. it would seem she came down with some soul-eating roommates as well as a result. wow.

  2. Ah, Twin. I love that you admit to having watched that show. I haven't seen anything from this season so I only know what I saw on the promos. That DOES sound super sad though. Is she going to be okay? I guess I'll have to watch.

  3. if by "ok" you mean her skin will heal, then yes. she got some antibiotics. but long is the road of healing ahead of her for what those girls said. not to mention the ongoing ridicule that tyra "lightbulb head" banks brings on every show. i wouldn't want to be one of the little girls that goes to her "love yourself, be proud of who you are because everyone is beautiful in her own way" summer camps. that's all i'm saying.

  4. hey! i'm totally up for it! Are we dressing up?