Thursday, April 21, 2005

Say It Ain't So!

Wouldn't you know that the one day I skip the results show is the day my boy, Anwar, gets booted off of Idol. I suppose it's just as well because I was having a pretty hard day and that just might have done me in. I can't help feeling somewhat responsible for the man's demise. I only voted 20 times instead of the usual 80. Now to console myself, I'll just have to play a little Earth, Wind and Fire and get #1 Anwar-lookalike-dancealike Sister to come over...or else roll out the Anwar archives...heh heh...wha-at?

I must say, in defense of the day, that the time spent not watching Anwar get the boot was well spent indeed. Tot and I went to the middle school band concert of the 6th grader that she does therapy with. G.'s band opened their set with La Cucaracha (Beware: audiolink), which of course rocked, but the highlight for me was a lively choral tribute to Aretha Franklin, complete with one lone brainy-looking little boy who good-sport-edly sang "You make me feel like a natural woman" with the best of 'em. The only thing louder than the music heard that night was the tick tick ticking of my biological clock.

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