Friday, April 22, 2005

Gone is The Hip(pie) Strip?

Sightings of girls in jeans and stilettos have certainly skyrocketed since Jules Modeling and Talent Agency moved in downstairs. If being hot means caving to that trend, then for once I'm glad I'm me. The road to righteous-babe-dom may well be paved and unpaved with the mini pot holes of local "It" girls, but frankly, I'm all about the sneaks.

Incidentally, did anyone else read that article in the Independent? This is my favorite part. "..their mission is, according to their brochure, 'to provide aspiring talent with the tools to further their personal presentation. Whether they go on to be famous, land that dream job, or become a politician, we believe that beauty radiates from the inside out.' To that end, the sisters incorporate nutrition, fitness, skin care and makeup advice into their services."

And in regards to this whole The "It" Girl show...I love my job, but man, I miss out on all the good stuff!

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