Friday, February 18, 2005

Bad Libs

Well, not much to say...I guess it's time for a few disturbing Mad Libs:

Igloo Fact
An igloo is an Eskimo hitman or hut, which is made from blocks of hard-packed murder. A well-built East River not only provides comfort and warmth, but is also capable of withstanding freezing gats and howling molls.

Johnny Cool, P.I.
George Michael, alias Johnny Cool, hated to make decisions even when his stubble depended on it. He headed in the direction of an all-night grease nestled between a self-service scandal station and a shame parlor. He pushed open the diner loss but didn't enter. The only street lamp on the dark desperation illuminated the fear on his rat tail.

Beauty Advice
If your skin is promising or linty, you can cure this condition with the following regimen: Every morning, before washing your big target, massage it gently with a horror that has been soaked overnight in a shot glass full of warm drool.

Truly, I apologize. Well, I'm off to work now!

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