Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To My Best Friend

Family portrait

Happy Birthday, Mac.  I love lots of things about you, and my list is always growing.  I love that you're my best friend.  I love that you can wear pearl snap shirts without looking like you're trying too hard.  I love that you're not afraid to love country music and your dog.  I love that for as long as I've known you (9 years less than the 33 years that you are today), I have never been able to put a label on you.  In 5th grade, when the cool kids discovered your humor, I thought for sure you'd get swept away in a popularity wave (like I probably would have, given the chance).  But you didn't really change.  You've always been you.  You could be friends with everybody then, and you can be friends with anybody now.  I love that you are full of surprises, like the time you first opened your mouth to sing.  I love that when I am feeling down or lonely, I can listen to songs you sang only for me.

I love that tomorrow, God willing, I get to wake up beside you for one more day, one more year of a lifetime of years...and discover again all the things I love.  You.