Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Minute Outfit

So, maybe you know this about me and maybe you don't...but basically I'm a pretty big dork.  When I was "little" (circa age 5 to 17ish), I used to have these imaginary contests with myself (did I mention I was also a bit shy?).  When I was really small, I would be putting together a jigsaw puzzle and I'd imagine I was in a competitive match with a roomful of people.  When I was a little older, I would do crossword puzzles and imagine the same thing.  Both with an imaginary audience, of course.

Anyway, all this is relevant because tonight I gave myself license to click on one of those shopping announcements I'm always getting in my e-mail.  However, not wanting to let the clicking swallow up an entire evening...I decided to invent an imaginary contest for myself:  The 5 minute outfit.  The rules?  Pretty much exactly as it sounds.  All items from one website--must include everything you'd need to walk out the door and not cause a scandal (well, perhaps that's a matter of opinion).  Voila.

It's a little harder than it looks--especially with my little laptop being on it's last pitiful leg.  I'm not going to lie, I removed one item as I was assembling the collage.  But hey, isn't that what Coco said to do before you left the house anyway?

Speaking of Coco...I really wanted to dress up as her for Halloween, but having to answer, "Who are you supposed to be?"...and perhaps, "Who's that?" is enough to make me dig out my trusty old horse costume.  Oh well.  It's still fun in my head.

P.S. Kids, 2 months from today is Christmas--woohoo!

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  1. Yay! This made me smile. As did Coco Before Chanel. Good stuff!