Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life Unexpected

Is anyone else watching this?  I must confess the only reasons I got sucked in were 1)  The main character wears cute knitted hats and 2)  It is set in Portland, Oregon.  You know I have an obsession with all things yarn-y, but I also am kind of obsessed with that "I've been there!" feeling I have when I see some place I have been on tv (the fact that I miss the Northwest doesn't hurt).  For those reasons, the show doesn't disappoint (even if most of it is filmed in Vancouver, B.C., where I have also been, now that I think of it). 

As for my review of the show itself...so far so-so.  One thing I think I can safely say...it shouldn't take long for her hats to be the sensation of knitting blogs/forums everywhere.  (Perhaps even this one, if I get enough oomph to copy one soon).

Oh, and in the process of writing this post...I stumbled upon the Baby Maker game on the show's website.  It is disturbing in the extreme.  Therefore, you know I couldn't resist.  Meet our future children:

There are just so many things to say, I don't know where to begin:
1)  My husband will kill me when he sees this.
2)  Someone else needs to try this because seriously...did they even use our features?
3)  It is suggested that you make a baby with your friend and send it to them on facebook.  Scary much?
4)  If only it were this easy to have children.
5)  You know how they say being around screaming children is great birth control (sorry if I'm offending anyone)?...I have slightly the same feeling about this (merging adult features with baby faces/bodies = creepy).


  1. um. no, no they did not even use your features and i'll tell you how i know. both tomas' and my girl and boy had red curly hair and were (forgive me if they're real kids)both hideous. i would post them but can't figure out how :) but thanks for another amusing internet find. you have a real knack!

  2. I can't see your future kid pic...? Maybe it's my work computer...

    James would totally agree with you on #5 and screaming babies. ha! I would too!

  3. Oh no! Your work computer banned my children! Haha.

    I was correct about #1. Mike was not happy. The saddest thing is that when he saw the boy-child he said, "Is that me?...Erin!!!???" And here I thought they looked nothing like us : \

    Oh and Jess, I laughed out loud at the red headed curly tops comment! I want to seeeeeee!!!

  4. That's creepy.

    Even more creepy that B.o.J. has Mike's nose, and Peanut has your mouth.

    I must try this tonight.

  5. I can TOTALLY hear Mike saying that! This is very disturbing. I'm going to try!!