Friday, October 30, 2009


After a particularly crappy day, Mac surprised me with pizza, a scary (but not really) movie, and pumpkins ripe for carvin'.  He even scraped the inside of the pumpkin out for me (in exchange for roasted pumpkin seeds). 

So, of course, I carved a Mac-O-Lantern in his honor.

You can't really see how he originally turned out,
because silly me didn't photograph him until days later when he started to sag (and mold and leak rotten pumpkin juice all over the counter). 

In my defense, I was waiting until we had matches...yet another thing you apparently don't think to buy when you're starting a life together.  For the record, I was especially proud of his nose (and the resemblence I think it bore to Mac's own nose).

I think Texas mold might be in a league of its own.  You know what they say...everything's bigger in Texas.  I was utterly amazed that it had ravaged poor Mac-O-Lantern in a mere 4 days (from birth to death).  And both Mac and I agreed we'd never seen such pitiful incontinence* in a pumpkin before.  Poor fella.

*Apparently this word has another meaning I didn't know about. Eeeep!


  1. per your link to the other definition I went and looked it up. Uh, yeah, I didn't know it could be that either. Wondering how the same word can have such two seemingly different meanings.

    BTW...I didn't buy matches when we were first married either.

  2. Isn't that odd?? I wondered the same thing. It kind of disturbs me--I wonder which meaning came first.

    Hehe...I guess matches are going to have to be my new wedding gift of choice??