Saturday, December 2, 2006


(daily 'drawing' challenge...silly, I know)

They say it's getting cold...but I have yet to really feel it. Could be the fatty layers of walnuts and cocoa I've padded myself with, or just the fact that I'm feeling a little Spring revival in the old ticker. I even abandoned The Sweatsuit for a week in favor of walking (hoping to log in a few last minute commuter points for work), but she started up like a charm tonight (to my hidden surprise). She's a lady like that. So is Bee, for scraping the windows that were threatening to make us look more ice-sculpture-on-wheels than car.

I scored pretty big in the eating department today. I got treated to lunch and dinner and coffee and cheesecake. And Bernice the cat gave me a back massage. She's very good at it. Creepy, but true.

I'm getting very excited for Christmas. Not the commercial-y part...but the love and joy and cheer and inner warmth part. And the Solstice party on the 22nd (dude). You should all come. There will be a cookie swap...

Sorry I can't think of anything more profound to say. The theme for my life these days seems to be...Love the one(s) you're with. Do what you know to be doing (with joy). Don't freak out about what you don't know to be doing (with fear). Trust. Be thankful. Live. The quote on my mind? Wherever you are, be all there (Jim Elliot). The verse on my mind? Hour by hour I place my days in your hand (from Psalm 31, The Message paraphrase). The Chambers for the day? I am called to live in perfect relation to God so that my life produces a longing after God in other lives, not admiration for myself. Thank goodness it's not up to me to be profound.

Thanks to everyone who shared in my wanderlusty (why does that look so wrong?) post. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in the things I wrestle with...that I'm not too terribly crazy...that I have friends. Truly. I am blessed.

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