Monday, June 26, 2006

Breaking the Silence

Well, well. It seems it might be time to dust my blog and clear up some misconception bunnies that have gathered under the bed. Wow. That may be a new low in stupid expression use.

First of'll be happy to know that I did not waste my fortune on a nap decision. As it turns out, my mind is never made-the-heck-up. And, as per my jinx and Sir Lance's prediction, I did need to use it on an unforeseen and important decision. Can we all spit out a collective "phew"? contraire mes frè is quite possible for me to resemble a dirty horse pooping, or any components thereof. As a matter of fact, I set about to prove this very point with a ridiculous photo of a chocolate-faced me enjoying a fudgesicle way too much, while sporting my "Single and Loving It" bib with a teddy bear on it. I regret to say that, in my pursuit, I stumbled upon some secret photos of myself that make dirty horses pooping look like a Niagara Falls postcard. Let me just say that the only person on the planet who was granted the privilege of seeing them had to sit down when the laughter and shock became too much. But enough about that...

Thirdly...where was I...Oh yes. Despite rumors to the contrary, I so did not eat that bird! I placed him safely back in his swimming hole. I may have had a few more bites, and yes, I may have caught a stray eye or two, but shucks if anyone can call that murder. that should do for now. So, Friday may be anti-dirty-horse-poo day, but summer Saturdays are all about the Outdoor Cinema. Hooray! It should not take you long to discover that this photo is not from our Outdoor Cinema, but from a showing of The Breakfast Club in a parking lot in Fremont, Seattle. The feature film was preceded by this little gem of an educational film, earnestly titled, How To Be Popular. Perhaps I should have taken notes.

Next week's Outdoor Cinema is going to be locally produced short films, which is conjuring up some beautiful images in my head right now. Has anyone else seen that Gilmore Girls? Anywho...Sorry, my dear friend B., but it simply has to be better than that lets-all-go-jump-off-the-nearest-bridge fest, Whale Rider.

Until next time, my friendlies...S., I love you too...and I'm so glad to see you here on blogger.


  1. You didn't like Whale Rider??

  2. Hmm...misconception bunnies? I seem to have a few of those hopping around in the house here. Or maybe it's just my regular bunnies, one of which seems to be PMSing. Probably because she heard you didn't like Whale Rider.

  3. Sorry guys and bun-rabs...but no, I'm afraid I didn't like Whale Rider. I thought for a spell it might have been that it just wasn't really appropriate for that setting...but I'm still leaning toward no.

  4. Well Whale Rider had been on my list of movies to see, and I guess it just went down a notch. Did you know that the Missoula Outdoor Cinema has a website? Maybe you did. It looks like they have some good ones coming up. I love that thing.

  5. Hey ed,
    I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I think it might be time we have another TriBurger Fryathlon followed by an oreo shake if your up for the challenge. Well, I will talk to you about the specifics later and I hope you have the greatest day in history of days today.


  6. Happy birthday!! I hope you have lots of yummy cake with no misconception bunnies at all.

  7. Hey. HAPPY BDAY!!

    Just wanted to drop ya a quick note, so you can take my blog off your links list. I've finally killed the blog. Well, I put up one last post, just so I'd have some closure :P


    ps- your email reply is on the way soon!!! i promise!! :)