Thursday, May 4, 2006

Sometimes in Summertimes

A Boy and his ice cream (before the dental work that renders ice cream so not a treat)

One of my favorite things about being a Missoulian, and more specifically, a Montagnian, has to be summer walks along the river that usually end in ice cream consumption. Why? Well...

Because sometimes you can stop and read a book along the way, provided your favorite haunt has not been seized by make-out couples and bikini-clad melanoma-seekers, forcing you to seek reading refuge in the red-ant swamp with the ravenous crows.

Because sometimes a hippie's dog fetches a stick as wide as the wide trail itself, causing a sizable traffic jam.

Because sometimes your friend's incredibly handsome, famous, and amazing dog treats you to a pinecone dance.

Because sometimes you get to see a little pig in a dog park.

Because sometimes you get a lecture from a wise old man about not photographing nature, lest you should steal the soul of any river flies who traipse innocently across your camera's field of vision.

Because sometimes you get chased by giant hobbled river rats...And other times you only see them swimming furiously up the ditch.

Because sometimes you catch a fellow tenant washing their dishes in the river.

Because sometimes you run into a local celebrity who pauses their workout just to tell you how much they are admiring your ice cream...all the while running up and down in place...And other times you run over your Latin professor, who thankfully doesn't remember you, because you dropped out of his class after only 3 days.

Because sometimes you venture back in time to high school P.E. and return with newfound appreciation for the person you have become...for the narrow escape you made from the person you were.

Because sometimes your ice cream mixer has an evil twin, and you can't remember who is who.

Because sometimes your ice cream clerk finds the "hypercolor" mood ring on your limited edition Ben & Jerry's so fascinating that he rubs his thumb against the carton until you have soft serve.

Because sometimes you follow up your ice cream trek with a trip to Dairy Queen...for a slightly raw long dog, causing you to cite as fact what you have always suspected: Hot Eats blow big time. They're half-off in the giveaway bin.

Anyone else care to chime in?


  1. What the heck is a pinecone dance?

  2. I love walking along the river. I usually take the trail on my way back to work from campus. Other things:

    Watching the fish and beavers, and now watching the kayakers.

    Passing by a transient hidden off the trail who is just settling in to listen to some audiobooks that he checked out from the library.

    Seeing the latest projects before the paper reports on them.

    And what about the things you can find?

  3. Ahh the infamous pinecone dance...

  4. because you might happen upon something like this,