Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Deep Thoughts V: Permanight

Always darkest before the dawn, unless of course it's just a total eclipse. Ah crap.

Deep Thoughts IV


  1. fake wedding ring? wow. i'll keep an eye out for those next time i scan a ladies hand. any green fingers from that experience?

    and as always (cause there are just so many times), much love to you and the whole missoula crew (yay! im learning to spell missoula correctly).

    maybe you and lance, krysty and la falda (and your respective significant others, of course)should move next door and anytime i need encouragement... ill just hop on over.

    much love. justin.

  2. Say Cash, wouldn't it be easier if you just moved up here? I mean, now that you can spell it and all.

    And green finger? No. But I do think that the ring got stolen because someone thought it was worth something. Yep. It was just that good.

  3. haha. yeah krysty's new email made a joke about that too. how i should just move up there and live in overpriced housing and not enough jobs that actually pay money.

    btw, good news i hooked up with a good friends friend that lives in NY and she just started Pratt Art School up there. she and her roommate are going to show me around the school and get some supper. it'll be nice to not be alone the whole trip and enjoy the company of other people in NY.

    otherwise, im gonna be walking around, basically thinking like Woody Allen... neurotic and scared for people to see my flaws.....

    oh, also... must have been an interesting little joke on the thief when they got it home. haha. serves them right.

    much love sister, justin