Friday, August 12, 2005

Throw Some Mistakes on the Barbie

Hmm...It appears as though this was not the first time I had been denied a fire at Fort Fizzle and had to barbecue marshmallows. Nor was it the first time that I had posted about s'mores. Three posts and counting? I guess you could call it an obsession.

Boy was not convinced that my idea was such a good one...

...especially when my chocolate accident came face to face with his brand new shoes.

Here you see my brilliant plan to solidify the liquid chocolate. Don't judge it's success by the above picture of Boy. It is not my fault that he is a pansy eater and didn't get around to eating it in time.

Incidentally...that title is a special nod to Twin. Do you remember how I ordered that free kit I saw advertised in the newspaper that said it would turn you into an Australian...and all it was was a pamphlet that said..."Throw some shrimp on the barbie!" and we laughed super hard? And do you remember how every time James tried to do an Australian accent it turned out "country"? And do you remember Country from Butte?


  1. Barbecuing s'mores it not too bad.

    One of you links is broken on this post. When you click on the picture of you BBQing it should take you to

  2. im sickened by the sight of the shoes being messed up(are those adidas sambas,like mine?). i need to get off the internet a while and go and sit down. a picture like that just turns my stomach.

    poor guy(err boy).

  3. Lance...Yes, I think BBQ s'mores are equally as tasty as the originals...and you're of my links is rather conveniently broken, isn't it? Oh okay...since you were so kind to point it out and suggest a remedy, I will repair it

  4. Justin...I had a feeling that photo might result in your nauseous state. I apologize for the (accidental)crimes committed against Boy's Adidas tennies.

  5. I like your new flickr badge!

  6. Shoes AND chocolate... that's my dream! :)