Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Class for Sale

On Saturday, my sister, with the help of many generous donors, had a garage sale to raise funds for her upcoming yearlong missions adventure in Russia. She told cuchillo it was The Garage Sale with Class, which is probably why we found it so hard to say goodbye to all those treasures, old and new.

(Baby cousin not for sale)


  1. The neighbors were particularly impressed that we went from nothing to eight-table garage sale in just one evening. Jamey even had a clothes rack!

  2. Not for sale? Are you sure? awww, c'mon! I'd take him/her!

  3. ooh oooh how much for the table lol!

  4. HEY!! how are you? hope your well.

    btw, yeah the poor thing doesn't have any legs, but i guess being able to fly trumps any sort of walking/driving situation.


    ps- "toothy"(the one in the tree house), has toe nails, maybe that'll do. he had to get up that ladder somehow....

  5. you got a tooth thats cracked up like the monkey??? ooh. ouch. how come?