Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Yesterday was a good day. Boy let me listen to MO-DO as we drove to Wal-Mart to turn in our film. I believe the phrase "I hope you're happy" was breathed more than a few times. And I was. Sehr, sehr happy. Is there anyone on earth who wouldn't be at the apparent sound of Arnold doing techno? We later walked down by the river and read. Boy finished one of his many Nero Wolfe books and I read some S.J. Perelman stories. We also discussed various get-rich-quick schemes. I don't want to be rich; I just want to get rich quickly so I can give it away to go to Africa. We're thinking we should do something with all these photos we take. And of course, stop spending money. This is where the $1-a-day diet comes in, but more on that later. Or not. That would be a pretty boring blog. I actually stumbled across a blog last night that was nothing but the writer's food consumption and exercise regimen. It depressed me for so many reasons. Twin and I hung out in the evening. She bought me Dairy Queen and we laughed and talked for hours on end about The Inexhaustible Topic. I love my cousins.


  1. i can feel the spirit of David Hasselhoff creeping up on that picture. he's got the hair, and the opened up shirt and all. showing all his manliness. hey! Davey Hissyfit is still alive isn't he?? oh well.

  2. wow. in my search for a smaple of that "Eins zwei polizei" song,i found the video. well, it's only a bit longer than 2 minutes. but it's Mo Do in all his glory. i am at this moment downloading the video, so i can watch it without having to buffer the video.

    i'm also gonna see if on some european itunes i can get the song. what the heck, if i can listen to Shonen Knife(three out of tune japanese girls, rock on!) i can buy this song. hahahaha.

    much love

    btw - here's the address to the site of the video:

    and here's the address for the video(in real format):

  3. OH WOW. First of all, many thanks for the links. It makes me happy to think that there's another person in this country who's discovered the audio (and apparently, visual) surprise that is Mo-Do. Second of all, you're right!! He looks especially like David Hasselhoff here! Thirdly, he's ITALIAN?? Poser. Fourthly...a fashion model? Hmmm. Fifthly...Yeah right he's 30 in that picture!!

    Okay, I could go on, but that seems enough. I love the fact that his big "hits" were in 1995. That's the year I was in Germany! I bet they played his music at the Abi-Ball (graduation party) I went to. Maybe I even saw him. I should wish.

  4. no prob. unfort. i couldn't find him on itunes. but i did find the new charlotte church album(weird, it's not on the american itunes though). it's terrible. she's half hanging out of her dress. i may write about this whole international debaucle in a post. what happened to our sweer little charlotte church? she's now wearing fishnets.

    much love ed, justin

  5. also.. i have tried to draw him(saki). whether they were any good or not, remins to be seen.

  6. What in the name of all that is holy!!!??? I could've done without the Mo-Do visual...but now I know. I couldn't watch it all the way through. I prefer the mental picture of Arnold just shaking his mechanical head back and forth.

    The Saki art is no doubt awesome.

  7. like mixing george michael with arnold swartaneggar isn't it?