Tuesday, July 5, 2005

A Happy 4th

Last night Twin and Rocket kidnapped me from work so that I could watch fireworks with them. It is tradition for Twin's family and mine to go to "The Brown Church" by our old houses and watch the mall's display. Out of both of our families, only Twin and I were able to keep the tradition alive, but we made a convert of Rocket, so I think that counts double. (For what, I'm not sure). It's a good thing too, because we lost points in forgetting to bring chocolate licorice, Bugles and...


We didn't forget to call out wedding color predictions, though. Hmm...pink and blue? Must be Rocket's!

After "The Grannnd Finnnalleee...", it was back to work for me (where neighborhood fireworks ensued). I tried to sleep but, for some reason I had Mr. Roboto and the image of a man with confetti eyes hopelessly stuck in my head.


  1. DOMO ARIGATO!! hehe

    thank you so much for coming by with the wishes of a good 4th. my evening ended up with me sitting home with two dogs. i had sake beside me while chibi was around somewhere(possibly under mom's bed). people were outside shooting off fireworks and saki wasn't much having that.

    i didn't really celebrate the 4th. but oh well. my mind is focused on more important stuff right now. namely the next 6 months and wht i'm gonna do with them.

    much love,


  2. Wow, that's a neat effect with the sparklers! How did you do it?

  3. Isn't it the best? I love James' face. Anyway...in regards to the technical stuff...I had my manual film camera (SLR) mounted on a tripod with the shutter set to 'B' (bulb). This lets you hold the shutter open as long as you want, which is why you need the tripod to hold it still (a cable release is also good). I pressed the shutter button when Jamey started painting Jess' outline. When she had finished, I fired the flash manually to light up the girls and freeze them in action. Then I released the shutter button. The exposure setting were kind of guesswork since it was so dark. Wow. For once I'm giving technical instructions to you, Lance. Weird!

  4. exposure settings, that is to say


  5. That's great! I love all the technical camera stuff. Maybe one day I'll get into it myself, it's just cost on good camera equipment.