Saturday, July 2, 2005

The Best Way to End the Day

Okay, so it's a little late, but afterall, I couldn't just leave you hanging, could I?

Thursday, June 30, 2005

11:30pm-3pm ish Blog posting. Cutest e-card from the cutest aunt ever. Nap-ish. Clean-ish.
4:30 pm #2 Sister calls to say she'll be at my apartment in 8 minutes and to watch for her walking over the H Bridge so I can meet her downstairs.
4:35 pm Supermom calls to wish me a happy birthday. She had tried earlier, but I was out galavanting. I try to change clothes while talking on the phone and tell Supermom that #2 Sister is on her way.
4:37 pm Superdad wants to wish me happy birthday too. He asks if I prefer the musical or spoken version. I leave the choice with him and get the spoken version.
4:37:30 pm Supermom has one last thing to add:

"Oh...really really quick...Tell [#1 Sister] that I met Mrs. H's cabinet maker. He's tall and beautiful and Russian and he escaped from the KGB. So, if there's a lull in the conversation, you can talk about that"
4:39 pm I don't see #2 Sister crossing the bridge, so I just go downstairs. She is engaged (perhaps trapped) in conversation. Introductions, birthday wishes, sunglasses fall apart in my hands.
4:42 pm Finally leave when #2 Sister gets trapped in yet another conversation. (She's a local celebrity).
5:05 pm Reach #2 Sister's house at the time we are to meet #1 Sister at The Birthday Place*.
5:15 pm Leave #2 Sister's house. Get stuck in construction traffic.
5:35 pm Arrive at The Birthday Place to hear #1 Sister declare, "Where have you guys been?!"
Apologies. Cutest birthday gift ever from #1 Sister**. Oohs, aahs, smiles and hearty gratitude.
6:00 pm Give #1 Sister mom's message. She is not amused.
6:10 pm Best pizza ever.

Rocket said I should have a birthday picture of myself on here. Here's us at The Birthday Place. (L to R: #2 Sister, me, #1 Sister)

6:40 pm Go with #2 Sister to visit little old friend in the hospital.
6:45 pm See Fella driving, but he doesn't see me. He looks very happy and it makes me very happy.
7:40 pm Walk by LaFalda in her darkened booth.
8:00 pm Ice cream with #2 Sister around the corner from my apartment. She drops her cone but eats it anyway.
8:30 pm Work. Huge bouquet of roses in the office when I get there. The Big Secret leaks out.
9:00 pm Surprise cake and birthday song from Sweetie Guest. Strangest but greatest birthday party with whoever wanders in the house kitchen.
11:00 pm Birthday visit from LaFalda.
11:15 pm Greatest ocarina birthday serenade from Sweetie Guest's Cutie Son.
11:20 pm Much needed conversation with my old friend and cousin, LaFalda. Just 'cuz.

Hooray! God, friends and life never cease to blow me away. Happy Birthday to me, indeed.

*In my family, birthdays are just an excuse to go to The Birthday Place, aka Tower Pizza. It's the best pizza ever. (Get the wheat crust). Just don't ask Fella or LaFalda because they are crazy. Fella eats ketchup on his mac-n-cheese, but hot dogs and mac-n-cheese make him cry. LaFalda hates chocolate. I just don't think we can trust their food judgments.

**Tell me if this is not the cutest thing you've ever seen. For some reason, I have a reputation for loving all things pink, poodly, Eiffel Tower-y and foofy. What can I say?


  1. how many copies of Roman Holiday do you own ed? just curious? hehe

    or for that matter, Breakfast at Tiffany's.


  2. Tower Pizza is the best! Whenever, the family goes out, it is always Tower Pizza. When I went there as a kid, my brother and I would always stand up on that shelf built from silver dollars, and watch the chef. He always gave us pepperoni's.

    I like ketchup on mac 'n cheese too.

  3. ooooh i miss tower pizza! I LOVE THAT PIN...i was with jamey when she deliberated on whether or not to get it for soon as I saw it i knew it was SOOOO you!

  4. hey ed! hehe. thanks for coming to the site. yeah, ive pulled some late nights. right now, it's almost 4am, and i've been up since like 8:50am saturday morning. wow. since i'm moving to georgia, everyone and they're grandmother wants to come and see me before i leave. my wallet, is getting a thorough workout. well, i guess i could be a bit more fruggle. but hey! hehe. one friend(from tonight) actually bought me dinner. very nice. cool.

    you should come by and take a look at my newest piece. interesting stuff. more than just a pretty picture. a bit of a serious comment. you'll see what i mean. please pray about God using me. i prayed last night about God giiving me another chance, and i did this piece(the newest one), and a collaborative effort with lance came up.

    i liked the comment to lance about my advice on the link colors. HAHA. the Chi Alpha website re-design is what i was reffering to before. please pray for us as we work on it. and that God would lead it. to not be cheesey or lame, is not always easy when designing something. hehe.

    much love sister,


  5. Ed- I have to tell you something freaky. I once had this terrifying dream that I was trapped in New Mexico and I couldn't leave the state until I worked for 10 hours at a jewelry store, or sold a very sparkly poodle pin... I literally woke in a cold sweat. Random, but true!

  6. KrystyKay, that is nuts! I'm sorry for any trauma my sparkly poodle pin may have caused you. I had no idea!