Friday, June 17, 2005

Rainy Day View

My apologies for the rain, everyone. It's all my fault. I jinxed it the other day when I was crossing the H bridge and thinking "Summer is officially here and with it the bug battered pucker I deserve for wearing lipgloss near water at dusk".

It used to be (and by "used to be" I mean 3 days ago) that every morning when walking home from work, I would come to a certain point on the H bridge and a chubby little bird would be sitting there waiting for me. As soon as I got near, he would fly off, but he would always wait until I saw him first. I recently began to take greater notice of him. I decided I would keep a bread crumb in my pocket so we could be friends. He doesn't come anymore. I guess he preferred distance to friendship and a passing glance to a linty pocket crumb.

Story of my life.


  1. I think I saw you crossing the bridge that day... I almost honked at you, but then I realized you probubly didn't know what I drove and it could be potentially awkward for a little black pick-up to be tooting at a random girl strolling in downtown Missoula. So alas, I have resolved to let pedestrians pass in peace.
    PS: Thanks for commenting on my blog... yours has to be one of the most brilliant ever created! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks :]

    Krystykay...Much as I appreciate the thought of a honk, you probably did best in holding back. They always scare me and I have to confess I usually just try to pull the old act-like-you-don't-hear-it routine. Now that I know what you drive, I will be on the lookout for your smiling face!

  3. ed, thank you(as always) for coming by and being a part of my blog.

    the foot tapping thingy is where you move your feet to take away the jitters from the knees. it might work with the nerves from other places too.

    if i ever did have a girl go nuts and freak out at my amazing averageness, i would probably be confused. maybe have a seizure myself.

    much love sister in Christ,


  4. im sure your off doing more important things than sitting around on the internet. my life has slowed to almost a half lately and have turned into a bum. anywasy, back to the point, we all will keep hoping for a new installment in the life and times of ed, superwoman extrodinare(sp?).

    justini(good gracious, i have started a big ol' rock rolling right for my head!)

  5. ed, this comment is unrelated to this post, but since your blog is dedicated to knitting I though you might enjoy this link.

  6. Thanks for the link, Lance! That's pretty crazy. And people say knitting is boring.

  7. can a brother at least get a head flinch??? that's all i ask

    hey little miss "ignore anyone who beeps at me while i'm walking". i am one of the few who feels it is rude to ignore someone who purposefully beeps at you to say hi. (I beeped once and then did a second double beep...hello...) i'm sorry even if it's a stalker, you should at least flinch your head...stare a glare, fly the something. this city can be a lonely place, especially if certain girls decide not to even give a head flinch.

    feeling slighted in missoula

  8. Dear feeling slighted,

    You are right. Out of this icy heart grows a mercilessly cold shoulder that even the warmest of beeps cannot melt. I wish I could say that I didn't hear you, but the truth is, my slight was deliberate. It was not directed at you or your auto, just a deliberate avoidance of humanovehicular contact.

    The robot-pedestrian (and fellow resident of Lonelytown, U.S.A.)

  9. So hilarious. Too bad blogger doesn't tell you which post the comment was on when it notifies you, but you can probably guess where this one is.