Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Scream, You Scream

Do you like my volunteer badge? It's not half as cool as Lance's nerd badge.

It's high time for a new post. There hasn't been much to write about, but I guess that never stopped me before. Yesterday was fairly eventful (by my standards). Every third Tuesday of the month (starting yesterday), the new(ish) ice cream place in town is donating 30% of proceeds between 4 and 7 to the house where I work. The owners visited the house, fell in love with it and the work we do, and scheduled fundraisers for the rest of the year. Hot Dog! So anyway, my boss, our on-call girl, 2 volunteers, a secretary, a board member, a doctor and I showed up for the event. I'm really bad at those kinds of things (ice cream socializing), but it was nice to get to know "the team" better since we don't see each other much...Especially our newer on-call girl. She's a dollie. But then again, I think all Virginians are dollies. Something about the non-Southern ("country") way they say y'all--especially when trying not to. Our on-call girl did face painting (on herself, my boss, and one kid) and I handed out stickers (to myself and two kids). The helium balloons were, of course, a team effort. (I did not inhale). On one occasion, I was called upon to chase down some runaway balloons and I saw Fella's roommate who pretended not to see me (okay maybe it was genuine, but I couldn't blame him if it weren't). So anyway, big fun had by few. Next time maybe I'll see the rest of you there. Y'all can have your faces painted and if you're real nice-like, I'll let you pick out your own sticker.

I told you there wasn't much happening. Oh, BUT WAIT! Tell me if this is not the most brutal story you've heard today. I was walking home from work yesterday morning and I came to a stoplight. I was just standing there waiting for it to change colors when I hear this sultry sounding, "Hey. Were you the girl in the striped shirt last night?". I looked over to see this slightly vagabondish fellow on a bike with his eyebrows raised in my direction. As soon as I turned to him, the eyebrows lowered into more of a furrow and he said, "Oh. You're too old." Then there was a "" while he sat there reevaluating me and his words. So yeah, not exactly the words a girl likes to hear when she's on the verge of putting another year under her already tight belt. The worst part is that he had to be at least 45. Shizzouch. That's what I say.


  1. Conversational footnote:

    Boy: I wonder who he thought you were.
    Ed: I don't know, but there's some other girl walkin' around with my face and I don't like it.
    Boy: There's some other girl walking around with your face but a really exciting life.
    Ed: Yeah. One of these days she's gonna get mistaken for me.
    Boy: They'll say, "What? I thought you weren't gonna leave the house for 2 straight weeks".
    Ed: Yeah, or, "What are YOU doing out in public?"
    Boy: I wanna see who this girl is.
    Ed: Yeah. I wonder if it's just one girl that really looks like me, or several who just look enough like me.
    Boy: I don't know. I always thought your face was really...unique.
    Ed: Yeah. I always thought I had a funkface.
    Boy: A what?

  2. oh ed. im sorry. somewhere around 98-99(i was 20 or 21 give or take), i was in this little newstand store in the mall. and some little brat asked me to buy him cigarettes. i think i ecen got called "sir". like i was old or something.

    i know this doesn't equal up to your terrible story, just trying to soften the blow. good job though, by not smacking him real hard. in some cultures, putting a price on his head for the defacement of a daughter, would all well and good(well, in the mob maybe, but anyways.)

    good to see your okay though. much love sister, justin

  3. Something tells me that you might be better off for not being the girl he thought you were.

  4. something tells me lance is right. might be the first time "you're not the girl i thought you were," was a good thing.:)

  5. something tells me lafalda was right when she told you lance is right. seriously.



  6. ed, you must be prophet or something. forget dr. atkins!(God rrest his soul), we've got ed! hehe there's a reason for another tshirt at cafepress! btw, did that cost anything? what are the details on that?

    much love, justin