Monday, March 14, 2005

Thank God I'm a Country Girl

So this is what happens when there are no guests staying at the house where you work. For 48 hours, it's just you, the kitchen cupboards, a dancing broom and Christian radio. Strange things happen. Puzzles accidentally get put together, dust bunnies come out of the closet, coatracks start to look like people and chocolate marshmallow volcanoes erupt on conveniently located graham crackers. About the latter, my banking lady from New Jersey said her daughter has never known anything but microwaved versions of the tasty campfire treats--or N'mores, as I like to call them. Poor city child. You know it's bad when even I couldn't eat it.


  1. looks good to me :) HEY! We totally need to go to HuHot because one of their desserts is this AWESOME s'more get your own personal CAMPFIRE at the table! to make smores! WE'VE GOTTA GO. By the way, I am soooo sorry that I didn't stop in to see you this last weekend...I meant to but then ended up working a lot!

  2. No worries, doll. It's probably a good thing since it was very busy (not a n'more weekend)--By the way, I'm down for HuHot. You know I'll use any excuse to go there--or pretty much anywhere with you :) Especially if they have "food" on the menu!

  3. That is sad about not knowing anything but nuked s'mores. I once heard a story about city kids not knowing where milk came from.

    Funny that you mention HuHot, becuase I was just there for Megan's Birthday, and guess what I noticed on the dessert menu? S'mores! It says they bring a campfire out to your table and everything. Really cool. I'll have to try it sometime.