Friday, January 14, 2005

Candy Hearts: The Working Girl's Friend

Someone tell me how it got to be 8:00pm! It seems like I was just crossing the bridge at the unholy hour of 8:45 am (unholy because it was 15 degrees) on the way to a work meeting and watching my friend Bob drive by and laugh at my frozen hair and slipping footsteps. Well, I'm heading off for another 48 hours of work. I think it's going to take an army of candy hearts to pull me through this one. Ah summer, how I long for thee.

Lessons learned in the Twilight Zone:

(1) "You'll never make the grade at anything by playing it safe".

(2) Jack Klugman's a dollie.

1 comment:

  1. Well; it was more of a family investment. My dad always told us stories that were based on the twilight zone when we were kids. (Darn good story teller...). And well, as with any nostalgia, it became part of lives.

    So, in response to your question yeah 'we' do :D

    BTW this blog I have is for a college Comp class.