Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Bad Case of Death

Boy howdy, am I sick. My favorite grocery store was selling bananas for $0.10/lb and I thought, "Hey...I should make me some banana chips". Well, 2 days and 15 lbs (of bananas--though probably excess weight as well) later, my Grandma says I'm going to explode. I think she's right. But just to be sure, I looked it up in my Total Nutrition book. Apparently, potassium "promotes transmission of nerve impulses and proper muscle contraction" and is needed for "proper metabolism". So basically, an overdose should give me the lightning quick reflexes (and metabolism) of say...Catwoman...or catwoman with a bad case of "nausea, diarrhea, cardiac arrhythmia and [death]". Man, nothin's worse than a bad case of death...

I just had an hour long instant message chat with Tot--who has most recently earned the nicknames Wonderfoo and Gushy--She's in love, crazy girl. Went away for a few days and came back with a boyfriend. For those of you out there who would rather read about the wintry amours of a lovesick Tot than bloat-bellied catwomen with bad cases of death, I will request to post a link. This is assuming, of course, that there is anyone out there with pity--or misfortune--enough to actually read this. Sorry folks, it's all I got.

Incidentally, my friend K. informed me this evening that she also has acquired a boyfriend since our last visit. Firmly believing that all bad things come in 3's, I suspect Pal to be dropping the bomb any day now...

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